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Customized Solutions for Rapid Plastic Injection Molding Tooling

Rapid Injection Mold

Customized Solutions for Rapid Plastic Injection Molding Tooling

Rapid molding technology offers flexibility and customization, enabling the rapid production of customized molds and components tailored to the specific needs of different products.



    Polycarbonate (PC) materials is commonly used in Rapid injection molding (RIM). Rapid injection molding (RIM) has become a preferred technique for producing plastic Medical Syringe Housing parts quickly and affordably as a result of the rising demand for product manufacturing. RIM is also capable of producing intricate parts with exact tolerances and surface finishes that would be challenging to achieve using other manufacturing techniques.


    Parameters name Value
    Part Name Medical Syringe Housing
    Material Polycarbonate (PC)
    Color Transparent
    Size Length: 80 mm X Width: 30 mm X Thickness: 15 mm
    Surface finish Glossy
    Features Lightweight, impact-resistant, excellent transparency, chemical resistance
    Purpose Used for the housing of medical syringes, protecting the internal injection device and providing visualization
    Manufacturing processes Manufactured using rapid tooling technology, with injection molding processing, production cycle of 2 day


    Rapid tooling has a short production cycle, allowing for quick response to market demands. It boasts advantages such as speed, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. By rapidly producing molds, companies can expedite the launch of new products, seizing opportunities in the market ahead of competitors.
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    Companies that provide injection molding solutions can provide this service to customers who need short turnaround times or low-volume production runs. On the other hand, slow initial lead times, higher start-up costs, and expensive design changes are some drawbacks of rapid injection molding.