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Rapid Tooling Technology: Shorten Product Development Cycle and Enhance Competitiveness

Rapid Injection Mold

Rapid Tooling Technology: Shorten Product Development Cycle and Enhance Competitiveness

There are different names for Rapid tooling. Some people call it Prototypes Tooling, Soft Tooling, or Prototype Mold. Simply put, Rapid Tooling is a process of creating a Prototype in a short time. Parts made through Rapid Tooling is a perfect solution to test and evaluate a Prototype and make a few hundred parts before actually going into full production mode.



    Polycarbonate (PC) materials is commonly used in Rapid Tooling progress. Also known as bridge tooling or prototype tooling, this is one of the steps in Power Adapter Housing product development. It involves hand-load inserts, stocked mold base, and mold material. The mold material could be either aluminum or soft steel.It is a rapid tool that enables you to get project parts cheaply and fast. The result is the production of parts through low-volume injection molding that functions as tools. Manufacturers subscribe to rapid tools because they enable manufacturers to notice and correct flaws in the current design to prevent issues in the final parts before a full-scale investment in production tooling.


    Parameters name Value
    Part Name Power Adapter Housing
    Material Polycarbonate (PC)
    Color White
    Size Length: 100 mm X Width: 50 mm X Thickness:30mm
    Surface finish Glossy
    Tolerance +/-0.1mm
    Features Lightweight, heat-resistant, excellent transparency, chemical resistance, good mechanical properties
    Purpose Used for the housing of electronic product power adapters, providing protection and aesthetic appearance
    Manufacturing processes Manufactured using rapid tooling technology, with injection molding processing, production cycle of 3 days


    Rapid Tooling has provided quality design, engineering and manufacturing services to the automotive, industrial machinery, medical, consumers, appliance industry. We are the source for dedicated tooling solutions to our customers worldwide. And we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, rapid turn time and exceptional customer service.
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    While rapid tooling offers advantages such as quick production, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, it still presents certain disadvantages in terms of accuracy, durability, cost, and material selection. Therefore, when selecting rapid tooling, it is essential to consider the specific requirements of the product and the production environment to determine the most suitable manufacturing method.